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Dr. Gunakar Bhatta
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Banks & Financial Institutions Regulation

 Unified Directives 2073 Revised5200.62 kB
 Directive to Microfinance FIs, 20751656.92 kB
 Directives to Microfinance FIs, 20731471.4 kB
 Unified Directives 2076   6432.34 kB
 Unified Directives 20714539.18 kB
 Unified Directives 20682343.21 kB
 Unified Directives 20756568.31 kB
 Unified Directives 20672112.66 kB
 Unified Directives 20702633.81 kB
 Unified Directives 20745182 kB
 Directives to Microfinance FIs, 20711451.96 kB
 Unified Directives 20724542.51 kB
 Unified Directives 20692569.22 kB
 Directive to Infrastructure Development Bank   3981.93 kB
 Directives to Microfinance FIs, 20721433.07 kB
 Directives to Microfinance FIs 2070991.03 kB

 CEO's Remuneration for B, C and D Class Institutions Guidelines 2068105.09 kB
 Chief Executive's Remuneration Guidelines 20671282.92 kB
 Nepal ECC Rules Book 2015403.2 kB
 Risk Management Guidelines for Banks and Financial Institutions 2018   296.2 kB
 Cheque Standards and Specifications 20121429.71 kB
 Banking Service Fee Guidelines 20671531.14 kB
 Nepal ECC Operating Rules 20151027.15 kB
 Guideline on Environmental & Social Risk Management for Banks and Financial Institutions 2018   1514.8 kB
 ICAAP Guidelines 2012 (updated July 2013)309.61 kB
 IT Guidelines 2012336.46 kB
 Nepal ECC Rules Book 2011264.42 kB