Spokesperson and Information Officer
Dr. Gunakar Bhatta
Office-Tel: +977-1-4417497 (Ext:200)
Mob: +977-9851164200
Res-Tel: +977-1-4364200
Email: gunakarb@nrb.org.np









NRB Working Paper
NRB-WP-12--October 2012;Demand for Money in Nepal An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach--Birendra Bahadur Budha 644.47 kB
NRB-WP-13--November 2012;A Panel Data Analysis of Foreign Trade Determinants of Nepal Gravity Model Approach--Subash Acharya 463.74 kB
NRB-WP-15--May 2013;Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Growth in Nepal--Shankar Prasad Acharya, PhD and Guna Raj Bhatta 444.23 kB
NRB-WP-29-July 2015; Monetary Policy Transmission in Nepal--Birendra Bahadur Budha 729.77 kB
NRB-WP-39- April 2017; Optimal Inflation Rate for Nepal--Nepal Rastra Bank Research Department 536.33 kB
NRB-WP-42- January 2018;Macro Models in Nepal Survey and Empirical Estimation--Nepal Rastra Bank Research Department 517.38 kB
NRB-WP-46- Relationship between Money Supply, Income and Price Level in Nepal--Ram Chandra Acharya 476.33 kB
NRB-WP-03--Aug 2007; A Study of the Trends in the Nepalese-Indian Currency Exchange Rate during the Period of 1932-1960--Nephil Matangi Maskay 224.33 kB
NRB-WP-19--October 2013;Indo Nepal Trade Relation The Phenomenon of Black Hole Effect--Mahesh K. Chaulagai, Ph.D. 213.59 kB
NRB-WP-22-June 2014;Impact of Bank Credit on Economic Growth in Nepal--Neelam Timsina 582.73 kB
NRB-WP-37- April 2017; Central Bank Communication The Practice in Nepal Rastra Bank and Impact on Inflation--Sarthak Karki and Dr. Nephil Matangi Maskay 575.71 kB
NRB-WP-47- Price and Wage Rigidity in Nepal--Sushil Poudel 1176.49 kB
NRB-WP-06--Dec 2010; Modeling Demand for Money in Nepal--Ram Sharan Kharel, PhD and Tap Prasad Koirala, PhD 252.2 kB
NRB-WP-1--April 2004;Attracting Foreign Direct Investment Experiences and Challenges--Bhubanesh Pant, PhD and Bama Dev Sigdel, PhD 427.68 kB
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