Spokesperson and Information Officer
Dr. Gunakar Bhatta
Office-Tel: +977-1-4417497 (Ext:200)
Mob: +977-9851164200
Res-Tel: +977-1-4364200
Email: gunakarb@nrb.org.np

Media Release

 Supervisory MOU with RBI85.08 kB
 Urgent Notice on Exchange rate revision for 2013 August 29 (2070-5-13)56.86 kB
 Urgent Press Release of Baisakh 2051.01 kB
 World Bank Country Manager meets Governor Dr. Khatiwada75.36 kB
 sejon meets governor350.44 kB
 seminar at Pokhara94.39 kB
 बार्षिकोत्सब स्थगित गरिएको सूचना17.4 kB
 SAARC Payments Council Meets in Nepal282.92 kB
 SAARC Payments Council Meets in Nepal 20710127282.92 kB
 SEACEN-BIS High-Level Seminar held in Kathmandu108.79 kB
 SEACEN Conference 201379.31 kB
 SEACEN Conference and BOG meeting Concludes in Kathmandu124.42 kB
 SEACEN Pokhara110.46 kB
 SEACEN Pre meeting59.96 kB
 SEACEN opening news Kathmandu112.31 kB
 SEJON and NBI Delegation Meet Governor Dr. Nepal118.53 kB
 Press Release on the occasion of the promulgation of Constitution of Nepal-207255.92 kB
 Program on the occasion of 59th Anniversary122.19 kB
 Provision for Revenue collection by Commercial Banks34.58 kB
 Result of Economic Article Competition   19.28 kB
 SAARCFINANCE Press News 2070031049.3 kB
 SAARCFinance Governers' Symposium24.9 kB
 SAARC Finance Seminar 2011140.13 kB
 Safeguard Assessment Mission Meets Governor Dr. Nepal59.04 kB
 NRB Media Release about news published in different newspapers   60.25 kB
 NRB Media Release about news published in different newspapers60.25 kB
 NRB Releases Monetary Policy 2072-7336.56 kB
 NRB Takeovers H and B Development Bank45.95 kB
 NRB Unveils Monetary Policy of FY 2071 7279.4 kB
 NRB clarification on Held for Trade Issue60.88 kB
 NRB unveils monetary policy for fiscal year 2070-7193.72 kB
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